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From here with Dairine.

[he laughs quietly] Oh, almost exactly the same as I am here. Little different on the inside, physically, but still very much the same Doctor.
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Never a dull moment, is there ...


I heard about what happened to Joy. There's not much I can offer in the way of knowledge, or anything I can say that hasn't been said, but ... the door to the Zero Room in my TARDIS is open, if you need a place to collect your thoughts.


[All Outpost Volunteers/Staff]

What do you have planned for defenses? It would be comforting to know you could stand against the sort of heavy weaponry we were unfortunate enough to see a demonstration of, at the festival.

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To Cair Paradisa, Itself: )

[congratulations, Para. you think you've seen weather? your forecast is a multiple case of Oncoming Storm]
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AU Drabble. Influenced slightly by Warriors of the Deep ... and a few other things. )
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Well, I found one of those silly online quizzes that actually seemed a bit interesting, so I took it. Tarot cards, actually. I never took serious stock in them, but I've always found the symbolism and the layers of mythology behind them fascinating.

The card I came up with seems to suit me - though, really, any of them could if you look at them in the right slant. However, I have but one word to say about the name this particular deck gave the card:

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My goodness, there's a question with a lot of answers. I certainly know there are a lot of reasons I don't get along with some people. And I think they might be the same, really, reciprocally. It could be that I confound them. Some of the places I've been are so sheltered that they've never even considered time or space travel, and as such the people tend to be close-minded... anyone with new thoughts or new ideas gets treated with a bit of fear and hostility. In some cases, it's a question of philosophy ... our beliefs may differ vastly.

Most of the time, though, honestly? A lot of people just seem to fail to see how marvellous I am.
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Well ... I used to, I suppose. But it isn't really anything I consciously chose. When I worked with UNIT, there wasn't much that couldn't be solved by reversing the polarity of the neutron flow ... so much so, that everyone started to catch on and poke fun at me for it, a little.

Now, though? I couldn't tell you. I don't think I have one. That's the sort of thing you'd have to ask Tegan, or Nyssa ...
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Goodness only knows why I asked the the Master for one of those silly quizzes that's flitting about. I'd hate to think I was that bored. Perhaps it's simply my own attempt at catching up, by filling this with as much as I can muster.

Ah, well, at any rate. Ten things I'm fond of that start with the letter S.

1. Sunsets. They're very soothing things, really, especially when you get the chance to sit and enjoy them in their entirety. Somehow, I prefer watching them on planets with solitary suns, however. Too many cooks spoil the broth.
2. Solitude. I sent my companions away to keep them safe, after I lost Adric, but it's nice to have the Tardis to myself, if only for a while. I'm sure eventually I'll find a new companion, but until then, putting things back in order is a fine enough way to spend my time.
3. Sonnets, as well as any other form of poetry, really. I've always enjoyed taking such a small thing and watching it unfold its layers on the page, quietly. It's rather like gardening with words.
4. Sweets. I'm not quite as fond as I was of jellybabies, this time 'round, but I still enjoy the odd cake or biscuit, or such. Usually, with my evening tea. Just a small bit of something, to make a moment of.
5. Strolls. Exercise is good for you, after all, and there's nothing more satisfying than a nice walk down a scenic route - whether it's a quiet road on a winter morning, or a busy sidewalk in some town during the day. Walking is most creatures' first form of transportation, after all - it's sad how few of them use it unless they have to.
6. Snow. Though I must admit, I'm more fond of enjoying the scenery of a fresh snowfall from inside, behind a nice cosy window, than I am of being out in it. .... I did, however, have a chance once to pitch a few well-placed snowballs at one of my future selves, once. He started it.
7. Sapiens, as in homo sapiens, the human race. They're amazingly clever and adaptable beings, tenacious and curious and absolutely marvelous all'round. Unfortunately, they can be just as stubborn, infuriating, and close-minded as they can be brilliant, exploratory, and scintillating ... but then again ... can't any race?
8. Science. I've always had a very scientific mind - there isn't a strange thing I've come across in my travels that hasn't been able to be explained in one way or another by the scientific method. I will admit, this regeneration, I'm a bit more of a philosopher than a scientist proper, for some reason, but I still enjoy science - particularly discovering anything new and interesting, or older things being used in new and interesting ways.
9. Socrates. I find it fascinating that a man who left no actual written works of his own behind had such an impact on the philosophical landscape. The other thing of rote, of course, is that his pursuits of truth and virtue clashed so horribly with his culture and his homeland, despite his support of it ... as well as his own thoughts on the principles of ethics. All told, it's a little familiar, to say the very least. Ah, well. Hopefully, at least, I won't die from poison.
((... ohhhhh, Five. You know not of what you speak...))
10. Sarah Jane Smith. One of my former companions, a rather brilliant and singular young woman, as humans go. I often wonder how she's getting on.

... Ah. Of course, if anyone who stumbles across this would like a letter of their own to ponder over, I'd be more than happy to oblige.
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First of all, it's been a while since I wrote here, hasn't it. I suppose it's no one's fault but my own. The Tardis got horribly out of sorts, however, and there was a lot to fix ...

Alright. What do I carry? Goodness, what don't I. I don't even think I know half of what's in my coat pockets, these days. I know I used to have a cricket ball, but I lost that. I might have to find another ... the weight was nice and familiar. There's a bunch of string in there, somewhere, I know that, I remember picking it up and saving it for later. I've a small bag of marbles, as well, some loose Gallifreyan change, a crumpled white paper bag with a few jellybabies still in (mostly lime and orange, since I ate the strawberry and the blackcurrant ones ages ago), the scrap of wrapping from a tea bag .... I honestly don't know if I have time to list everything. My pockets tend to hold a lot more than they'd seem like they would. I do only keep two things in the inside breast pocket of my coat, however ... my spectacles, and the remains of Adric's badge.
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Well .... there. Now all the things I've written are caught up on, that's refreshing. Now I suppose I can start to on a few more entries. It's nice, having things to contemplate, to wrap my mind around, since I don't really have any companions, right now.

I might pick one up, here, I'm not sure. It all depends on how they'd feel. Or how I would. I'm still not sure if I want another, just yet. Especially now that the Master is here. He tends to only mean trouble.

... Though, I haven't really seen a lot of him, since he arrived. Maybe this is a good thing? Then again, it could always mean he's just squirreled himself away to plot one of his grandiose, complicated schemes, and I've got to be ready.

I don't know whether I should relax, or not.

This is all very frustrating.
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Five. There's totally a banner ad for Torchwood at the top of your journal right now.


That's totally hysterical.

.... And you felt the need to put this here, in my journal. When I have other things to type up. You know, some days you make less sense than a companion!
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Well. Dr. Lockhart has officially won the honor of being the first to mock my stalk of celery.


It was pleasant while it lasted.
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Haiku2 for cricketycricket
run away from things
in something like this though i
don't want to have
Created by Grahame

How very intriguing ... that a computer script should produce a work of art that has been, by its definition, a work of imagination and humanity.

And yet, somehow, it works. It works, and it's made me think. And I think ..... that I'm going to need a cup of tea.
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From the app: What trait identifiable with your muse, is one you share, and how do you each deal with it? )
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Goodness. There are an awful lot of mes out there. And not just, you know. Future mes, being impertinent and horribly disrespectful to their elders, or past mes that likely think I'M being impertinent and horribly disrespectful to them, but ...

Other MEs. As in, you know. Me. This face, this body. Alternate universes, alternate time-streams.

How utterly fascinating. A part of me would really like to sit down with them for a cuppa, ask them what it's like, being me, where they're from. What stays the same, what changes. Who they travel with. What they face.

But paradox is never a pleasant thing to bear for long, and not simply in the way of physicality. I also know, somehow, that if I were to talk to them, or indulge myself in finding out what they do, what they know, who they are ..... they are not me. And yet they are me. So all I would really end out doing would be sitting 'round, questioning myself. In senses both metaphorical and literal.

No, no.

Best not to wonder what I'm up to.

... also, you know, are they my elders? I'm never sure if Elders is the right term. Because really, I'M older, but they came before...

Oh, enough, my head's spinning!
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