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My goodness, there's a question with a lot of answers. I certainly know there are a lot of reasons I don't get along with some people. And I think they might be the same, really, reciprocally. It could be that I confound them. Some of the places I've been are so sheltered that they've never even considered time or space travel, and as such the people tend to be close-minded... anyone with new thoughts or new ideas gets treated with a bit of fear and hostility. In some cases, it's a question of philosophy ... our beliefs may differ vastly.

Most of the time, though, honestly? A lot of people just seem to fail to see how marvellous I am.
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Well ... I used to, I suppose. But it isn't really anything I consciously chose. When I worked with UNIT, there wasn't much that couldn't be solved by reversing the polarity of the neutron flow ... so much so, that everyone started to catch on and poke fun at me for it, a little.

Now, though? I couldn't tell you. I don't think I have one. That's the sort of thing you'd have to ask Tegan, or Nyssa ...
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First of all, it's been a while since I wrote here, hasn't it. I suppose it's no one's fault but my own. The Tardis got horribly out of sorts, however, and there was a lot to fix ...

Alright. What do I carry? Goodness, what don't I. I don't even think I know half of what's in my coat pockets, these days. I know I used to have a cricket ball, but I lost that. I might have to find another ... the weight was nice and familiar. There's a bunch of string in there, somewhere, I know that, I remember picking it up and saving it for later. I've a small bag of marbles, as well, some loose Gallifreyan change, a crumpled white paper bag with a few jellybabies still in (mostly lime and orange, since I ate the strawberry and the blackcurrant ones ages ago), the scrap of wrapping from a tea bag .... I honestly don't know if I have time to list everything. My pockets tend to hold a lot more than they'd seem like they would. I do only keep two things in the inside breast pocket of my coat, however ... my spectacles, and the remains of Adric's badge.


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